IECPA Vision Statement

Provide Pennsylvania’s largest energy users a decisive voice in the formation and implementation of the Commonwealth's energy policies to ensure these policies enable large energy user businesses to thrive and expand as well as attract new business.

IECPA Mission Statement

Influence sound energy policy development and decision-making to ensure a reliable and cost-effective energy supply to Pennsylvania’s large energy users, consistent with our Guiding Principles. 

Engage the energy policy process as follows:

• Develop and Articulate positions based on our Guiding Principles, as well as sound policy and ratemaking expectations

• Engage in Energy Initiatives in General Assembly

• Intervene in Regulatory Activities affecting supply and cost of energy to large energy users

• Establish & Maintain relationships with Key Policy Makers

IECPA Guiding Principles

A. Non-regulated electric and natural gas services and prices when offered in a truly competitive market to all customer classes should be market based.

B. Regulated electric and natural gas prices and services must be based on appropriately functionalized and allocated cost of service to each customer class.

C. Regulated utilities which provide reliable service and operate efficiently should be provided with an opportunity to earn a fair rate of return.

D. State and federal regulatory processes must be timely and responsible to all stakeholders and encourage non-discriminatory and competitive markets where appropriate.

E. Administrative, legislative and regulatory bodies should actively pursue energy policies that enhance the existing industrial and manufacturing base and promote employment and economic growth in Pennsylvania.

Informational Benefits

Member companies receive a host of informational benefits through their participation in IECPA, including:

• Current information on risks and opportunities in PA energy markets that help member companies make better decisions

• Monthly regulatory and legislative reports with analysis of current energy issues within Pennsylvania and across the county

• Access to technical, regulatory, government relations, and legal resources that help member companies manage their way through competitive markets