Industrial Energy Consumers of Pennsylvania

Current News:

IECPA Urges Caution regarding PA Joining RGGI

IECPA Sends Letter to Legislators regarding joining RGGI

Joining RGGI to boost Pennsylvania gas-, coal-fired power prices, double emissions traded

  • About $6/MWh added to coal-fired power cost

  • About $2/MWh added to gas-fired generation

"The RGGI cost imposed on electric generators in Pennsylvania will increase the cost of electricity to Pennsylvania residents, commercial businesses and large energy intensive, trade-exposed industrial manufacturers," the Industrial Energy Consumers of Pennsylvania argued on their website.”

IECPA is a trade organization formed in 1982 by large, energy-intensive customers with one or more facilities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  IECPA regularly monitors Public Utility Commission (PUC) activities, participates in the PUC regulatory process, and participates in the legislative process at the General Assembly on matters impacting large energy users.

IECPA plays a critical role in shaping energy policy in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for all consumers, especially large energy-intensive businesses and industry.  IECPA is the recognized voice of large energy consumers in Pennsylvania and played a critical role in the restructuring of both the electric and natural gas industries.

IECPA supports and promotes competitive energy markets and regulatory structures that facilitate consumers’ use of these markets.  Where competitive supply conditions do not exist, IECPA supports regulated monopoly service rates that are based on cost of service principles that reflect the embedded costs of serving individual customer classes.

It is the goal of IECPA to help companies strengthen and improve their competitive positions through a greater understanding of energy issues.  IECPA accomplishes this goal by providing member companies with current PA regulatory, legislative and energy market information that can directly affect their bottom line.